Tuned out.

I enjoy wearing hearing protection, I’ve decided. It has been a very loud morning at work so I put in my pink foam earplugs to dampen the hammering and drilling (not to mention the bitching and moaning). I will never come to work here hungover after today’s cacophony of mechanicin’, that’s for damn sure! With the earplugs in I can focus much better without hearing every little utterance from my co-workers. They tend to talk to themselves and it can get to be too much sometimes since I always think they are talking to me. About 90% of the time that’s just not the case. 

This week has been good so far in both the nail mail & retail departments. A third of my nail mail has arrived-from ninjapolish.com I received two A England polishes in Dragon and St. George. Both are gorgeous green scattered holos that I’ve had my eye on for some time. I am still waiting on my Korea eBay package (which posts from NJ somehow as I’ve ordered from the same seller before) and my llarowe.com order. I’m a bit irked that the llarowe order isn’t here yet-I ordered it within 10 minutes of the ninjapolish order so you’d think they’d arrive simultaneously. C’est la vie. Also in the mail I got a long-time lemming from a blog sale-Misa Embroidered Emerald. Such a cool color! I need to get a lightbox to take proper pictures of this stuff since I don’t get home until the sun is going down. 

Retail-wise, I picked up a dark teal turtleneck to wear under a very Zooey Deschanel-esque sleeveless dress I picked up last spring at Stein Mart. It’s really a winter dress I think, very heavy material and it’s lined.  I need to get a pic of this dress and post because words just don’t do it justice. It’s a black and white animal print of unknown species with a wide black belt and flared knee-length skirt. I wish I could find some really bright tights in my size to go with it instead of just going with the usual black. I’ve always struggled with finding tights that fit me due to my height, regardless of current weight. Recently I’ve had luck with footless tights from the maternity department if you can imagine that. There’s something to be said for some maternity clothes if you’re not preggers-maternity dresses always seem to have pockets. And pockets in dresses should be mandatory. 

On my lunch hour yesterday I bought another heather grey cardigan. This one is sort of granny-ish with its pointelle detailing, ruffled placket and single top button. It just looked really comforting and the fabric is so soft. It’s probably acrylic but that’s OK since I’ve gotten over my prejudice of unnatural fibers. I can’t wear wool any more-it makes me itch. I feel compelled to do something to it, like try my hand at beadwork or weave tiny ribbons through the v-shaped pointelle pattern. It would be fun to replace the plain button with something vintage too.


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