Most of my Nail Mail has now arrived except the Korean package. I received my llarowe package yesterday so I now have a total of 5 new A Englands to play with; I got Lady of the Lake, Princess Sabra and Tristam. I spent 20 minutes last night taking pictures only to come to work this morning to edit them from the SD card and find the card empty. WTH. I should just stick with my smartphone camera-it does a pretty good job at 8MP. I am really irritated with this Nikon Coolpix piece of crap; I should never have strayed from Canon. So I’m pricing new Canon PowerShots today-for under $100 I can get a 16MP/5x zoom/720HD recording capable unit. Crazy!!  

You know what else I should have? A light box. There is a cheap one on Amazon for under $20 so I’d just need lights or I could make my own using one of the many tutorials out here on the Interwebs. Nothing worse than a blog with crappy pictures, amirite? 


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