What’s your most complimented polish?

My NOTD was OPI’s Swimsuit…Nailed It!, chosen at random doing a quick drawer “dip” as I ran out the door on the way to work (yes, I can do my nails at work). I balked at first because I tend to equate bright blue nail polish with preteen Justin Bieber fans even though I own dozens of bright blues. I must have gotten more compliments on my nails than I ever do; it really is an eye-catching color. Even with my half-arsed application it stood out like nothing I’ve worn recently. One of my customers grabbed my hand to ooh and ahh which led to a long discussion about polishes. She’s a Deborah Lippmann devotee so I told her that Ulta now carries the full range and also told her to check out the Butters there. When I went to pick up The Young One from school, Diana the receptionist commented on them too. She is my nail polish buddy; I’ve given her lots of stuff over the years that didn’t work for me. I happened to have bought Essie’s Leading Lady at Target during my lunch hour and as it was in my pocket I pulled it out to show her. She said Essie was her favorite brand and asked to borrow it. I think I’ll just decant some or buy her her very own bottle because I’m not good at sharing. I chalk that up to being an only child but also I don’t lend polishes because I don’t want them coming back all gunky. My most dreaded task is cleaning the threads of the top of a polish bottle, where the brush meets the handle. I’d rather do dishes!

Diana went on to complain about what a PITA it was to take glitter polish off so I told her about using foil and acetone soaked cotton balls to make that job easier. I told her to keep an eye out for the new Pure Ice polishes that should be arriving at our local WalMart soon, many which are glitter. I still haven’t found them yet after checking three different stores.  So frustrating!!! Will try again today at lunch; judging from swatches they are worth hunting down.

Today at lunch I checked out Ross-they had several sets of Color Club reduced to $5.49. I came away with 2 Cosmetic Arts polishes for .99 each on clearance; love the bottle shapes of these. If I had the money and time I would buy a thousand or so of those empty bottles and decant my entire stash. Actually, I’d just hire someone to do the decanting because I would get about 10% through and get bored/distracted. I am actually in the process of trying to get these empty bottles for frankens but the manufacturer isn’t very good about returning e-mails. I’d call them today but they are located in Queens so I’m not even sure if they are open due to Hurricane Sandy.


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