Some recent China Glaze purchases

I probably have more China Glaze polishes than any other brand; they offer consistantly excellent quality and have the most interesting colors and finishes of any of the large nail polish manufacturers. I’m also fortunate to get them at a professional discount thanks to my cosmetologist license. I’ve made friends with the managers at my local beauty supply stores so they let me buy stuff before it’s put out on the sales floor. I’m usually telling them what upcoming collections to be on the lookout for. Recently I fell in love with this particular glitter from the Halloween 2012 collection-in fact I bought all three bottles. I actually bought two and left the 3rd behind because I figured someone else would want it but it sat there for a month so I eventually picked it up too. You had your chance, women of Sally store# 2356!   The two pink glitters are from the 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness collex-United and Hello, Gorgeous! I had to order these off eBay because no one local got them in. In these pictures they look very similar but one is a light pink and the other a rosy pink. They both have holo glitter and are opaque in 2 coats.


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