Weird Polish Wednesday

Hurrah! The election is over so now we Americans can go back to more important things like our love/hate relationship with Honey Boo Boo and wondering when Lindsey Lohan will finally get put in jail for something stupid she did (fingers crossed). I was digging around in my stash last night to avoid watching the election returns and found some interesting things I thought were blog-worthy.

First up is this set of five polishes I bought on eBay-the bottles caught my eye because they are triangular, and the seller’s picture made them look much more vibrant. The manufacturer is a company called Cosmetics 2000 Inc. out of Nyack, NY. I don’t find much information about them using The Google and I’m too lazy to call the number to see if they are still in business or have a website. They are really sheer but are perfect for layering over other polishes. They remind me of CND Effects Shimmers a bit.

Cosmetics 2000 Rainbow Illusions

Michael: “So … this is the magic trick, huh?” Gob: “‘Illusion,’ Michael. A ‘trick’ is something a whore does for money…or candy!”-Arrested Development

My next oddball is another “I bought it for the bottle” polish. Delux Beauty was a brand from some celebrity makeup artist back in the last decade. This bottle looks so cool but is a total PITA. It’s really tall and doesn’t fit in any of the drawers I once used for storage. But I like the vintage look of it and the polish is really delicate, another layering polish. It has glass flecks in it like Confetti Tiara but the base is tinted. I will probably dump out the current polish and use it for a franken at some point but for now, here it is:

Delux Beauty Fairybelle

So I’m off to spend the rest of the morning un-blocking most of my Facebook friends now that the election is over (hopefully they will have shut up by now) and analyze my county’s election returns to see how many split-ticketers we have. I was once a huge political wonkette, even went to school to be a campaign manager but realized I hated politics and politicians so, yeah. Live and learn!


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