Lunch shopping

I have an hour for lunch and I’m 5 minutes away from a medium-sized shopping area (Target, Old Navy, Ross and Marshall’s) so I often spend about 30 minutes or so each day hunting for cool stuff. Ross has always yielded awesome nail polishes and now Marshall’s has been very fruitful lately. Last month I scored all 4 of the OPI Miss Universe collection there for around $16! Ca-ching!! Yesterday I found the following there; an Orly polish from last year in Rock-It and this cool solid perfume that smells like vanilla and sugar from TokyoMilk. Check it out:

How cute is that TokyoMilk perfume? I love the whimsical packaging and the little tiny cards they include with it. Even the interior of the box was thoughtful. It’s so twee Istarted to put it back but I’ve been going through a cutesy phase lately. I nearly bought a Peter-Pan collar dress the same day but it was sleeveless and right now it’s fall. Clearly I’ve been watching too much New Girl.


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