What is this magical elixer? Onyx Professional No Odor Nail Polish Remover

TGIF, y’all! Good grief it has taken all my composure this morning not to take a crowbar to one of my co-workers. Bless his heart. Anywho, I was once again searching in vain for those new Pure Ice polishes at Wal Mart (if you haven’t seen them yet check out work/play/polish‘s post and make sure you’ve got a bib on because they are drool-worthy). As I stood in front of the ravaged permanent display thinking perhaps they had magically integrated themselves there amongst the old bottles I looked down and saw this green bottle I’d never seen before. The words “No Odor” piqued my curiosity so for $3.27 home it came.

I had been playing with the Etude House glitters I received last week so I thought they would be a good test for this new remover-I was not disappointed! First, there is no discernible smell which will make some people happy. I’m obviously not adverse to the smell of acetone but I’ve read some people or their spouses complain. This is the stuff for you folks. Second, it works just as well as my Zoya Remove+which surprised me. I use felt cut into small squares to apply my remover and as I always do, soaked the pad then held it to my nail for a minute. The single layer of chunky glitter came off effortlessly. This remover leaves behind a slightly oily residue (from the magic ingredient soy-based solvent) which washes off easily. So brave Wal Mart’s dirty throngs of muffin-topped tramps and screaming, snot-nosed children to get this. Check out the Onyx website at http://www.onyxbrands.com/.

Here’s a close up of the ingredients:


2 thoughts on “What is this magical elixer? Onyx Professional No Odor Nail Polish Remover

  1. THE WORST THING ABOUT A MANICURE FOR ME IS THE ‘AWFUL SMELL’ It literally makes you want to open your bedroom window in the ‘dead of winter’. This is probably one bonafide reason I will be able to skip a professional manicure and just take care of my ‘growing’ nails myself- SAVING ME A TRUCKLOAD OF CASH.

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