Weekend clearance haulage.


If I ever get re-married and have to move, I have but one humble request. Dear future husband, if you try and relocate me to a town devoid of Rite Aid and CVS I will not go. I’m not even kidding.

There are many things 75% off right now at Rite Aid so Saturday morning the Young One and I went to all three locations in our town and picked up these pretties. The CQ and Color Fever polishes were .75 each and the Petites were .50. The Revlon were a whopping $1.25!


I think Sherer, who manufactures both CQ and Petites brand nail polishes, should get some award for putting the names of the colors on the front of the bottle.


It’s hard to tell from the picture but the 1st bottle, Epic!, has these weird little almost opalescent flakies that are begging to be frankened into something, well, EPIC. I would then rename it “Extra Epic!” or “Epic! Plus” hahaha. And that Color Fever in Daze? Apple green glass fleck magic right there, y’all. Plus the Periwinkle is my fave periwinkle ever. And I can never turn down a pale gray polish for that price.


Wow, focus much? Sorry about that. So, Jelly, Cupid and Cloud


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