Hey there, 2013! How you doin’?

I hope you’re better than I am-I’ve got the flu. This is the last year I forgo a flu shot I’ll tell you that much. But over the Christmas holidays I went back home to visit my parents and discovered a box of old polishes I’d had when I was in high school. Check them out!









Heck yeah, that’s Rimmel Zeitgeist! I’ve been searching for one for ages on eBay or blog sale. Didn’t even remember buying it back in the day-it’s full too!


4 thoughts on “Hey there, 2013! How you doin’?

    • That’s Spirit from Revlon. It’s red and blue tiny glitters in a clear base. Well, it was clear-kinda cloudy now so I may fiddle with it.

      • I love Revlon glitter polishes. I just bought the silver microglitter and bigger chunky silver glitter in clear polish one… lol, did u get that? I’m a little tired, Not a great description but I forgot the name of it.

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