I shall return! In the meantime…

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Weekend clearance haulage.


If I ever get re-married and have to move, I have but one humble request. Dear future husband, if you try and relocate me to a town devoid of Rite Aid and CVS I will not go. I’m not even kidding.

There are many things 75% off right now at Rite Aid so Saturday morning the Young One and I went to all three locations in our town and picked up these pretties. The CQ and Color Fever polishes were .75 each and the Petites were .50. The Revlon were a whopping $1.25!


I think Sherer, who manufactures both CQ and Petites brand nail polishes, should get some award for putting the names of the colors on the front of the bottle.


It’s hard to tell from the picture but the 1st bottle, Epic!, has these weird little almost opalescent flakies that are begging to be frankened into something, well, EPIC. I would then rename it “Extra Epic!” or “Epic! Plus” hahaha. And that Color Fever in Daze? Apple green glass fleck magic right there, y’all. Plus the Periwinkle is my fave periwinkle ever. And I can never turn down a pale gray polish for that price.


Wow, focus much? Sorry about that. So, Jelly, Cupid and Cloud

It’s a Christmas miracle!

As much as I love to shop for myself, I am not so swift at doing so for others. It must be because I’m a little self-centered to not have yet figured out the joy of giving. I don’t usually make a big deal out of Christmas either, much to the chagrin of my friends and family. When you are single it’s easier get a pass from all the decorating and cooking and crap that goes along with the holidays but as a parent, you feel as if everyone has DSS on speed dial and is just waiting to make an anonymous complaint about you if you aren’t Martha effin Stewart. Guilt, the greatest motivational tool ever.

It wasn’t guilt though that created this holiday miracle I am about to tell you about. It was Adam Levine. I don’t listen to Maroon 5 by choice but if you only have a car radio you are pretty much doomed to hear them eventually. And as a fan of Saturday Night Live, I saw them perform a few weeks ago. Wow, that boy has got it going on in the looks department! He may be a walking STD factory but dang if he isn’t easy on the eyes. So when I was at Target yesterday and came across his visage on the box for a digital drum set from First Act something in my brain screamed, “The Young One needs that!”  Well played, marketing department of First Act, well played indeed.

Since the box is pretty big, I decided I would go ahead and wrap it since it’s too big to hide. The kiddo was out somewhere with his Dad when I got home so it was no issue getting it inside. I used an entire roll of paper on that sucker! Now the pressure is on to get the tree up. Blerg. But I am proud of myself for not procrastinating on getting the holiday spirit started.  I may even make some ornaments for gifts this year, who knows? I bought clear glass ornaments and already have tons of glitter so I plan on making a huge mess very soon.

Bigger, stronger, brighter?

I think I need a bigger light box. I love the first one I made but it’s too small if I’m trying to take “group pictures” so to speak. You know, hauls? I’m expecting 7 packages over the next week and I had a good spree at Sally’s so I’ll have much to share. Here is a pic of the current version.Image

What is this magical elixer? Onyx Professional No Odor Nail Polish Remover

TGIF, y’all! Good grief it has taken all my composure this morning not to take a crowbar to one of my co-workers. Bless his heart. Anywho, I was once again searching in vain for those new Pure Ice polishes at Wal Mart (if you haven’t seen them yet check out work/play/polish‘s post and make sure you’ve got a bib on because they are drool-worthy). As I stood in front of the ravaged permanent display thinking perhaps they had magically integrated themselves there amongst the old bottles I looked down and saw this green bottle I’d never seen before. The words “No Odor” piqued my curiosity so for $3.27 home it came.

I had been playing with the Etude House glitters I received last week so I thought they would be a good test for this new remover-I was not disappointed! First, there is no discernible smell which will make some people happy. I’m obviously not adverse to the smell of acetone but I’ve read some people or their spouses complain. This is the stuff for you folks. Second, it works just as well as my Zoya Remove+which surprised me. I use felt cut into small squares to apply my remover and as I always do, soaked the pad then held it to my nail for a minute. The single layer of chunky glitter came off effortlessly. This remover leaves behind a slightly oily residue (from the magic ingredient soy-based solvent) which washes off easily. So brave Wal Mart’s dirty throngs of muffin-topped tramps and screaming, snot-nosed children to get this. Check out the Onyx website at http://www.onyxbrands.com/.

Here’s a close up of the ingredients:

Dupe-d! But I’m ok with it.

Last year’s Finger Paints Sparkle Top Coat is the same thing as this year’s Snowman from Sally Beauty Supply. And since we know that the Snowmen polishes are manufactured by Blue Cross Beauty Products does this mean that Finger Paints are also produced by them? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…here is a pretty picture.


These are also a dupe for one of the CND Effects Sparkles-I think Raspberry?

Some recent China Glaze purchases

I probably have more China Glaze polishes than any other brand; they offer consistantly excellent quality and have the most interesting colors and finishes of any of the large nail polish manufacturers. I’m also fortunate to get them at a professional discount thanks to my cosmetologist license. I’ve made friends with the managers at my local beauty supply stores so they let me buy stuff before it’s put out on the sales floor. I’m usually telling them what upcoming collections to be on the lookout for. Recently I fell in love with this particular glitter from the Halloween 2012 collection-in fact I bought all three bottles. I actually bought two and left the 3rd behind because I figured someone else would want it but it sat there for a month so I eventually picked it up too. You had your chance, women of Sally store# 2356!   The two pink glitters are from the 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness collex-United and Hello, Gorgeous! I had to order these off eBay because no one local got them in. In these pictures they look very similar but one is a light pink and the other a rosy pink. They both have holo glitter and are opaque in 2 coats.