Old, old, old Creative Nail Design

In the olden days (ok, the mid-’90s) before some goody-goody politician decided to remove the good chemicals from nail polish, the ones that made application easier due to better formulations, there were these lovely old things from CND. They smell different, they apply way better than today’s polishes but alas, they are full of toluene and formaldehyde. I came across these one day in a dusty old beauty supplier’s warehouse. I think she charged me $1 a piece for them? Score.

When these were actually available in stores, I recall coming across a huge selection of them in a Trade Secret. I thought, “Ewww, what weird colors! Who would wear these?” I thought the same thing about the old Hard Candy line. I was 30 going on 75 back then! Now I’m 40 going on 20. Wish I could go back and buy them all now!


That last picture makes Okie-Dokie-Artichokie look a little bit like Chanel Peridot but it’s really got a pink duochrome thing going on, not gold. Very unique shade! I saw them at one time super reasonable on eBay. Haven’t looked lately.

Since there was no mail delivery yesterday, I’m hoping today will be good for the Nail Mail. I need something sparkly to make this week better. This  sums up my day: