Speaking of dupes, did Color Club recycle Magic Elf?

A few years ago, Color Club offered up the most awesome green polish I’ve ever seen. It was called Magic Elf and came in a mini bottle Christmas set. I never used it for fear of running out so instead I just looked at Scrangie’s picture of it. When the CC Winter Affair collection came out I got all jazzed up for the green in it called Ho-Ho-Holly. I thought it was a dupe so snapped this picture as well as swatched it. Did I remember to photograph the swatch? Hell no, that would be too efficient. But take my word for it when I say it’s close but not a dupe for the magical Magic Elf. Rats.


Just looking at them, you might think I’m nuts because in the bottle the do look like twinsies. To my eye, Magic Elf is a really fine glass fleck while Ho-Ho-Holly is more metallic with bigger particles. I am going to re-swatch tonight and update in the morning.