My favorite nail care things

These are the top 4 things I can’t live without when doing my nails. They have made a huge difference in how my nails look and grow-no more peeling, flimsy nails!


Filing with a glass nail file is half of the equation; glass files are so much less damaging than regular nail files. The OPI one on the top left is my favorite for taking down a lot of length and the Nail Tek XL on the top right is wonderful for fine-tuning the edges. The second game-changer for me is Nail Tek’s Foundation II base coat. I’ve tried dozens of other treatments none work like this does. I wish they sold it in bigger bottles! It keeps my nails from peeling and being too bendy. Added benefit is the finish when it dries is matte and very smooth which makes it a perfect base coat. Lastly, the cheapest quick dry top coat out there-New York Color’s Grand Central Station nail polish. Not technically marketed as a top coat but someone on the MUA Nail Board figured out it worked great and a cult following was created. I used Seche Vite before making the switch and have never looked back. You don’t have to thin this stuff like with SV nor does it get stringy. If they discontinue this I will flip my shizz.