But, it was so shiiiiiiiiny…

The Young One and I were at TJMaxx last night, killing some time before going to the movies. Our TJX routine has been perfected in the last couple of months-here’s how it goes:

  • Upon entering store, The Young One takes my phone and sits on the “husband waiting area” bench near the registers (he will make someone a great hubby someday)
  • I make a bee-line for the beauty section, then look at the perfumes
  • Second stop is the sweaters, then workout clothes followed by kitchenwares
  • The Young One inevitably leaves the bench to try to sneak up on me and scare me but he is too noisy and tall to pull it off
  • He then drags me to the registers aaaaaaaand, fin

As we were leaving, something caught my eye-hidden behind three rolls of tape were two sets of Martha Stewart glitters. These are usually about $20 at craft stores and depending on the type, can be used to make cool nail polishes. I squealed when I saw all the neat shapes these came in-never saw these particular set! The best part was the price-$7.99! Check these bad boys out:


I’m testing these out to see if they bleed or melt-if they pass, look for some cool frankens. If they fail, I can sprinkle them or do nail art like The Nailasaurus’s super cool Glequin manis! Oh, who am I kidding-