Cirque XX

Oh my word, this polish! This is my first Cirque polish-I’m blown away by it. Very dense, very holographic. I’ve never seen glitter like this! Just, wow is all I can can say.

Cirque XX

Cirque XX

Taste the rainbow!

Taste the rainbow!








Hey there, 2013! How you doin’?

I hope you’re better than I am-I’ve got the flu. This is the last year I forgo a flu shot I’ll tell you that much. But over the Christmas holidays I went back home to visit my parents and discovered a box of old polishes I’d had when I was in high school. Check them out!









Heck yeah, that’s Rimmel Zeitgeist! I’ve been searching for one for ages on eBay or blog sale. Didn’t even remember buying it back in the day-it’s full too!

A franken and my last purchase of 2012 (she says hopefully)

So I have to spend money on other people besides me this month of December. Boooooo. Just kidding, I am looking forward to shopping for The Young One, my folks and even my SO this year. To do so I have to declare a No-Buy for me though as I didn’t win that stinkin Powerball earlier this week. Today I went to this weird dollar store and came out with $1 nail polish that doesn’t suck. L.A.Colors do some really nice polishes! Not a fan of the bottle but I can overlook that for a buck a pop. I got these for frankening helpers-that pink looks like OPI’s I Lily Love You to me and the blue glitter is what I used as a base for the last pics of my franken. The green will become a jelly for a Hare-esque polish idea I’ve been mulling over since my Glitter Unique order came.



Literal glitter bomb. Ugh!

I received a big order of glitter yesterday-was so excited to play with it I didn’t pay much attention to the box and ripped into it. Well, one of the double-bagged baggies had a slit in it and as you can see, BOOM. Glitter bomb, everywhere. It had left a trail from outside at the mail box, down the driveway, into the garage, up the stairs, down the hall and into the kitchen before I figured out I was¬†hemorrhaging tiny, shiny red squares. Thankfully, Glitter Unique has amazing customer service and is sending me a new bag of the red stuff. Behold the carnage!

Glitter is the herpes of frankening.

Glitter is the herpes of frankening.

After the cleanup, here are the ones that didn’t die tragically. I’m most excited for the holo blue squares I think. It’s hard to choose a favorite, really.

Oh, that red holo! Sha-wing!!

Oh, that red holo! Sha-wing!!




Did I mention their great customer service yet? I just got an e-mail saying my replacement had shipped with a note from the owner saying she sent me a little extra. Squeeee!

Nail Mail!

The good news is that I survived the Thanksgiving holiday; I’m not big on large gatherings of people picking at bird carcasses. At least there was pumpkin pie and Reddi-Whip. The bestest part was receiving these pretty polishes from Pahlish, KBShimmer and Cult Nails (all first time purchases from these brands) during the long weekend. I can’t decide which one to use first, they are all equally pretty. Shout out though to Cult Nails for being located in my home town-I wonder if Maria, the owner, was raised there? We might have been classmates, who knows.¬†I have a new light box setup BTW so let me know if these look OK.

My latest nail mails in waiting are a big glitter order from Glitter Unique and a blingy blog sale purchase.

Innisfree haul-part deux

I received my second order of Innisfree glitter polishes this week from eBay seller hsckoreanimports¬†(not affiliated) and once again, impressive! Package arrived weeks ahead of schedule, this time directly from S. Korea instead of via NJ like the first time. They included lots of little packets of skin care samples but since my Korean is a little rusty I don’t know if I will be putting any of them to use. I think these are more subtle overall than the first bunch but still pretty.

 Innisfree 105, 106, 110, 112

But, it was so shiiiiiiiiny…

The Young One and I were at TJMaxx last night, killing some time before going to the movies. Our TJX routine has been perfected in the last couple of months-here’s how it goes:

  • Upon entering store, The Young One takes my phone and sits on the “husband waiting area” bench near the registers (he will make someone a great hubby someday)
  • I make a bee-line for the beauty section, then look at the perfumes
  • Second stop is the sweaters, then workout clothes followed by kitchenwares
  • The Young One¬†inevitably¬†leaves the bench to try to sneak up on me and scare me but he is too noisy and tall to pull it off
  • He then drags me to the registers aaaaaaaand, fin

As we were leaving, something caught my eye-hidden behind three rolls of tape were two sets of Martha Stewart glitters. These are usually about $20 at craft stores and depending on the type, can be used to make cool nail polishes. I squealed when I saw all the neat shapes these came in-never saw these particular set! The best part was the price-$7.99! Check these bad boys out:


I’m testing these out to see if they bleed or melt-if they pass, look for some cool frankens. If they fail, I can sprinkle them or do nail art like The Nailasaurus’s super cool Glequin manis! Oh, who am I kidding-