Oy vey!

Quickly, may I just show you this from Pam’s Girly Bits? It’s from her Holiday release that came out earlier today-I didn’t manage to snag one yet but hoping I can find one soon. Here is Eight Crazy Nights!


This and eight other beautiful polishes from the holiday collection as well as loads of other cool stuff are available on the Pam’s Girly Bits website.


Dupe-d! But I’m ok with it.

Last year’s Finger Paints Sparkle Top Coat is the same thing as this year’s Snowman from Sally Beauty Supply. And since we know that the Snowmen polishes are manufactured by Blue Cross Beauty Products does this mean that Finger Paints are also produced by them? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…here is a pretty picture.


These are also a dupe for one of the CND Effects Sparkles-I think Raspberry?