Nail Mail!

The good news is that I survived the Thanksgiving holiday; I’m not big on large gatherings of people picking at bird carcasses. At least there was pumpkin pie and Reddi-Whip. The bestest part was receiving these pretty polishes from Pahlish, KBShimmer and Cult Nails (all first time purchases from these brands) during the long weekend. I can’t decide which one to use first, they are all equally pretty. Shout out though to Cult Nails for being located in my home town-I wonder if Maria, the owner, was raised there? We might have been classmates, who knows. I have a new light box setup BTW so let me know if these look OK.

My latest nail mails in waiting are a big glitter order from Glitter Unique and a blingy blog sale purchase.


Oy vey!

Quickly, may I just show you this from Pam’s Girly Bits? It’s from her Holiday release that came out earlier today-I didn’t manage to snag one yet but hoping I can find one soon. Here is Eight Crazy Nights!


This and eight other beautiful polishes from the holiday collection as well as loads of other cool stuff are available on the Pam’s Girly Bits website.

My first indie polishes were…

I’m not really into indie polishes due to the fact that I need to see stuff in person before I buy it. However, I am only human and sometimes I have needs, needs that have to be fulfilled. When I run out of things to buy that’s when I turn to Etsy for my fix. My first indie polishes were from Dollish Polish and Nail-Venturous. I also picked up a Cover Band polish from Ninja Polish that made me very happy I never had to go through the process of buying Connect the Dots. So here’s a few pics of my first indies! P.S. my pending nail mail contains polishes from Daring Digits and Pahlish so when they arrive I’ll be sure to share. Giddyup!

I bought it for the iCarly reference but fell in love with it for the square glitter.

No bar or “sticks”=good. Points if you get the Mel Brooks reference in the title!

Nail-venturous Floam and Cover Band Sticks-n-Stones