Newest Innisfree polishes











Once again, eBay seller hsckoreanimports did me right! Great prices and fast shipping plus fun extras. Love love love these folks 🙂


Innisfree haul-part deux

I received my second order of Innisfree glitter polishes this week from eBay seller hsckoreanimports (not affiliated) and once again, impressive! Package arrived weeks ahead of schedule, this time directly from S. Korea instead of via NJ like the first time. They included lots of little packets of skin care samples but since my Korean is a little rusty I don’t know if I will be putting any of them to use. I think these are more subtle overall than the first bunch but still pretty.

 Innisfree 105, 106, 110, 112

Innisfree glitters have me all a-twitter!!

Look at these polishes. LOOK at them! My nail mail from Korea arrived today, 2 weeks earlier than the shipper estimated. I am so stoked to show you these-the Innisfree have me saying, “Lynder-who?” For $7 shipped these are amazing and stunning and I don’t see any sense in paying $22 when you can get these so much cheaper. And the pink Etude House polishes are so girly, dare I say kawaii? Wait, how do you say cute in Korean?

Best nail mail ever!

Etude House PPK002

Etude House PPK004

Innisfree #109 Cassiopeia

Innisfree #108 Aquarius

Innisfree #111 Pisces

Innisfree # 107 Libra

Macro shot of #107 Libra

Innisfree #107, #108, #109 and #111