Nail Mail!

The good news is that I survived the Thanksgiving holiday; I’m not big on large gatherings of people picking at bird carcasses. At least there was pumpkin pie and Reddi-Whip. The bestest part was receiving these pretty polishes from Pahlish, KBShimmer and Cult Nails (all first time purchases from these brands) during the long weekend. I can’t decide which one to use first, they are all equally pretty. Shout out though to Cult Nails for being located in my home town-I wonder if Maria, the owner, was raised there? We might have been classmates, who knows. I have a new light box setup BTW so let me know if these look OK.

My latest nail mails in waiting are a big glitter order from Glitter Unique and a blingy blog sale purchase.


Innisfree glitters have me all a-twitter!!

Look at these polishes. LOOK at them! My nail mail from Korea arrived today, 2 weeks earlier than the shipper estimated. I am so stoked to show you these-the Innisfree have me saying, “Lynder-who?” For $7 shipped these are amazing and stunning and I don’t see any sense in paying $22 when you can get these so much cheaper. And the pink Etude House polishes are so girly, dare I say kawaii? Wait, how do you say cute in Korean?

Best nail mail ever!

Etude House PPK002

Etude House PPK004

Innisfree #109 Cassiopeia

Innisfree #108 Aquarius

Innisfree #111 Pisces

Innisfree # 107 Libra

Macro shot of #107 Libra

Innisfree #107, #108, #109 and #111

Most of my Nail Mail has now arrived except the Korean package. I received my llarowe package yesterday so I now have a total of 5 new A Englands to play with; I got Lady of the Lake, Princess Sabra and Tristam. I spent 20 minutes last night taking pictures only to come to work this morning to edit them from the SD card and find the card empty. WTH. I should just stick with my smartphone camera-it does a pretty good job at 8MP. I am really irritated with this Nikon Coolpix piece of crap; I should never have strayed from Canon. So I’m pricing new Canon PowerShots today-for under $100 I can get a 16MP/5x zoom/720HD recording capable unit. Crazy!!  

You know what else I should have? A light box. There is a cheap one on Amazon for under $20 so I’d just need lights or I could make my own using one of the many tutorials out here on the Interwebs. Nothing worse than a blog with crappy pictures, amirite? 

It’s always something.

Today I ran into SuperTarget to grab some Red’s Steak Burritos for lunch (OMG if you haven’t tried these DO IT). That normal purchase just didn’t scratch the itch so I loitered around the cosmetics section trying to find something new to buy as a “Happy Friday to Me” gift. I had $10 burning a hole in my pocket from a customer who decided I needed a tip. He threw the money at me while I was on the phone so I couldn’t refuse it. Sneaky old man! But I fell short of rewarding myself so I ended up with some hangers. B-O-R-I-N-G! I mean, I need more hangers since this week I bought 9 new shirts and or sweaters but dammit to hell I was really hoping for a pretty shiny new nail polish.

The new sweater is a simple charcoal cardigan, 3/4 sleeve and a bit boxy-hits right below the belt. I have learned with my new job to dress in layers because you just don’t know how warm or cold you will be on any given hour thanks to open garage bays. I ordered 3 microfleece pullovers from Campmor in a blurple, a black, and a weird sort of berry shade. Love these to death but I’m a little irritated the women’s version differs from the men’s. Originally I had a grey men’s version (the brand is White Sierra if you were wondering) that had this kick-ass vertical zip pocket just above the left boob. Turns out women don’t deserve cool boob pockets. Boo. Lastly from Old Navy, I got a compression shirt for running with a cool hood that has a hole for your ponytail, and three Perfect Tees (crew neck, not v-neck-gotta watch the cleavage).

So, obviously the hangers were definitely necessary. I was expecting some Nail Mail (three different parcels to be exact) to be waiting at home so I wasn’t too sad about a sparkle-free lunch excursion. After picking up The Young One from school I ran into TJM to see if any new polishes had appeared. Scored a 5-pack of Barielles for that $10. Feeling all cocky I decided to try to see if the nice ladies at Sally BS would sell me the holiday polishes from China Glaze out of the back room like I’ve gotten them trained to do but their weekly delivery truck arrived late and they hadn’t begun dealing with it. I will try again on Monday-really want to get all the glittery polishes this year!

At home, it was a Nail Mail Fail (or NMF from here on out) so  I consoled myself with the Barielles. Swatching them I noticed a definite issue with frostiness that I’ve never seen in Barielles before-going to have to be really careful to avoid brushstrokes with them.

In conclusion, I’m going to make a concerted effort to go on a real low-buy in November. I’ve got to save up for The Young One’s gifts!