My first indie polishes were…

I’m not really into indie polishes due to the fact that I need to see stuff in person before I buy it. However, I am only human and sometimes I have needs, needs that have to be fulfilled. When I run out of things to buy that’s when I turn to Etsy for my fix. My first indie polishes were from Dollish Polish and Nail-Venturous. I also picked up a Cover Band polish from Ninja Polish that made me very happy I never had to go through the process of buying Connect the Dots. So here’s a few pics of my first indies! P.S. my pending nail mail contains polishes from Daring Digits and Pahlish so when they arrive I’ll be sure to share. Giddyup!

I bought it for the iCarly reference but fell in love with it for the square glitter.

No bar or “sticks”=good. Points if you get the Mel Brooks reference in the title!

Nail-venturous Floam and Cover Band Sticks-n-Stones