Lovely new lippy!

I’m usually a neutral lipstick kinda gal. Due to my near Angelina Jolie-sized pucker I don’t like drawing attention to my mouth. Sometimes though, the siren’s call of a red lipstick reels me in and I put away the nudes and the MLBB colors and attempt a red. I think a matte red lip is one of the most badass looks you can pull off so last year I bought MAC Ruby Woo. Love the color but the formula was pure crap. It reminded me of a colored version of Lava soap ( pumice-based clay bar for removing heavy dirt from hands-very popular with mechanics and the like). Trying to apply it was akin to waterboarding for me.

Today while in the local KMart (which always surprises me with getting drug store makeup collections out before actual drugstores) I spotted a Rimmel lipstick display with MATTE lippies. Even better, though her name is on the product, Kate Moss’s busted mug was nowhere to be spotted. I only found one color out of the sea of weird pinks that I wanted-an incredible neutral red. Swatched next to Ruby Woo, it went on like butter compared to the gluestick-esque MAC formula yet still stayed matte. I’m in love!







Above on the left is Kiss of Life compared to MAC Ruby Woo. Can you see how much more creamy the formula is of the Rimmel? This was three strokes of each lipstick. Price-wise, the Rimmel set me back $5.29 before a $2.13 coupon from their rewards program was applied. I don’t actually belong to the KMart Rewards program but when they asked for my phone number I gave my area code and “867-5309” and said my name was Jenny. Works everywhere that one! Thank you Tommy Two Tone 😉