How do you organize your nail polish?

I have a good amount of polishes now. I’m not sure exactly how many because I refuse to count them because counting them leads to other mathematical things like figuring out how much I’ve spent on them. So, No.No. No.NO. NO NO NO. Hell no. NO. NO!tracyjordannononononohellno


With all these bottles of polish and no Ikea within 2 hours of here, I’ve had to improvise. My solution is clear shoe boxes from Sterilite and metal industrial shelving. Not very pretty but I’m the only one who has to see it. I do plan on getting 3 acrylic 90-bottle racks soon for my OPI/China Glaze/Essie collections but everything else is sorted by brand in the boxes. I’d like to some day do a spreadsheet but again, that arrives at a final number and I’m not having any of that. Here is a picture of some of the boxes:



So how do you corral your stash?