Some Venique bottle pics

Here is the red holiday glitter I bought over the weekend:

And here are three Veniques from the past year-the first bottle is a bar glitter and I’m 99% sure it’s the same glitter as this year’s Finger Paints Sparkle Top Coat.


Maybelline Holiday 2012 polishes and more

Holiday 2012

Lovely, sparkly dense glitter polishes.

L to R: Cocktail Dress, Lavender Sparks, Sea-quins, Sapphire Masquerade, and Silver Gleam

I scored last night at Rite Aid after a week of searching for these pretty babies! Maybelline Color Show Sequins nail polishes are limited edition for the holiday 2012 season. There are 8 shades in all but I passed on the red multi-glitter, the rosy pink with gold, and the gold multi-glitter. I  may go back for those three soon. These are the ones I particularly fancied  and for the most part I’m really pleased with them. My only “meh” is for Cocktail Dress (the black with orange glitter) as I thought the glitter was red but when I swatched it it looks orangey-red to me. More Halloween than Christmas but no big whoop. I can always franken with it. These polishes do need to be thinned before using; there is just a ton of glitter shoved in there and they will apply much better with the addition of thinner.

So now I’m practically through with my holiday polishes buying-my strategy is buy the glittery-est ones first since they tend to sell out first then wait until after-Christmas sales to score the rest. Last on my list are the holiday Finger Paints from Sally BS and the Venique glitters from Cosmoprof.  I can’t find any swatches yet of the Finger Paints; judging from tiny picture in the sale flyer I received there are 6 polishes-Elves Bells (gold glitter), Santa’s Magic (multi-holo glitter), Merry Mistletoe (green with gold shimmer), Sparkle and Snowflake (fine silver glitter), Hollydazzle (bright red cream), and Midnight Sleigh Ride (bright blue shimmer). I’ve got my birthday coupon (10 off 20) plus the 15% coupon so I hope there’s some good stuff to be had there. I only remember that the Venique polishes were dark and glittery so will report back on those when I have gotten to see them in person. Venique is only available AFAIK at Cosmoprof; the polishes I have from them are really REALLY nice. They have the blackest black one-coater I’ve found and they do some interesting glitters. They don’t do any marketing unfortunately and their website is lacking in information. Too bad because they have a great product!